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How to use a pillow for neck pain, according to experts

Are you tired of waking up with a stiff and achy neck? Neck pain can significantly disrupt your sleep and affect your overall well-being, so if you’re tossing and turning all night and having to constantly readjust your pillow, then it might be time to rethink some of your sleeping habits and equipment. With the right pillow and sleeping position, you can minimize discomfort and enjoy a restful night's sleep. We reached out to experts to get their take on how to use a pillow for neck pain.

Best pillows for neck pain and a more comfortable night’s sleep

If you experience discomfort in your neck or wake up with stiffness and soreness after sleeping, it might be time to consider changing your pillow. Your choice of pillow can significantly impact the well-being of your neck during sleep: While fluffy pillows are often associated with comfort, they may not necessarily provide the optimal support needed to alleviate neck pain.

November 15, 2023

Avoid contracts that do not meet your costs': How spine surgeons should approach payer negotiations

Negotiating with payers is one of the most important, if most challenging, aspects of a physician's practice. For surgeons seeking to boost reimbursement rates or ensure bills and claims are paid out as expected, there are a few factors to keep top of mind.

Special Edition: Orthopedics

Perfecting Spine Surgery Positioning. Proper assessments, refresher training, and plenty of padding are ingredients for success.

DISC is excited to announce its expansion into the LA area with the opening of a state-of-the-art, Marina del Rey-based clinic. Providing the full scope of spine care, Dr. Shifflett is now seeing patients in both the new clinic and DISC’s Newport Beach headquarters, offering a choice of location for your convenience.                                                                                      Contact us at 949-988-7800 to schedule an appointment at:                                                        DISC Clinic Los Angeles 4551 Glencoe Ave., Suite 145 Marina del Rey, CA 90292 or                    DISC Clinic & Surgery Center Newport Beach 3501 Jamboree Road, Suite 1250                          Newport Beach, CA 92660


6 Steps to Sleep Better When You Have Ankylosing Spondylitis


Sleep interruptions are the norm when you have this chronic condition. Try these tips to wake up refreshed.

Dr. Shifflett discusses artificial disc replacements


Dr. Grant Shifflett, a spine surgeon at DISC Sports & Spine Center in Newport Beach, joined the podcast to talk about artificial disc replacement trends and innovations.

How 9 spine surgeons keep their skill sets sharp: Drs. Robert Bray Jr., Neel Shah & more


From pursuing learning opportunities to discussions with colleagues and continuing to practice your craft, nine spine surgeons share how they maintain their skill sets.

'Implementing new procedures can be scary' — 4 spine surgeons offer tools for success


Adding a new spine procedure to a surgeon's arsenal can come with many challenges, including the learning curve, case selection, cost and reimbursement. Four spine surgeons share best practices to ensure great outcomes can be achieved right out of the gate.

Starting with success in spine: 7 surgeons share tips for emerging physicians


Seven spine surgeons reflect on their career and the state of the field today to offer emerging surgeons best practices for establishing themselves.

A simple solution to the health insurance marketplace: Authorize interstate competition


Allowing out-of-state competition for health insurance would significantly benefit the U.S. healthcare system, which is dominated by commercial payers, according to two spine surgeons from DISC Sports & Spine Center in Newport Beach, Calif.

The future of IT in spine — Machine learning, virtual reality & more


Five spine surgeons discuss the next big healthcare technologies to make waves in the spine field.

11 spine surgeons on the evolution of telemedicine, patient evaluations during the pandemic


Eleven spine surgeons and one physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist discuss how their patient evaluation considerations have changed during the pandemic and how their practice has evolved to telemedicine.

“read Dr. Shifflett’s latest publication in the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery spring newsletter

April 26, 2020

This edition focuses on clinical practice issues, from elective surgery in light of the COVID-19 pandemic to when to prescribe opioids to further fight the opioid epidemic.
Are augmented, virtual reality the future of spinal navigation? 4 surgeons discuss

April 15, 2020

Four spine surgeons discuss innovations in augmented and virtual reality, and how the technologies can advance spine care.

Grant Daniel Shifflett, MD, an Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon with DISC Sports & Spine Center
April 16, 2020
Get to know Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon Dr. Grant Daniel Shifflett, who serves patients in Marina Del Rey and Newport Beach, California.


Expert opinion from Dr. Shifflett on complex outpatient spine surgery


Dr. Shifflett receives prestigious award to attend State of Spine Surgery Meeting in Aruba
Dr. Shifflett was awarded a coveted traveling fellowship to attend the "16th Annual State of Spine Surgery Think Tank” in Aruba where global leaders in minimally invasive and complex reconstructive spine met to discuss cutting edge research and ways to improve patient safety and optimize surgical outcomes in spinal surgery.


AVP Manhattan Beach 2019
Incredible weekend courtside as covering physician for the AVP tournament in Manhattan Beach!


NASS unveils '20 under 40' spine surgeons for 2019
August 28, 2019
Largest spine society in North America bestows prestigious honor on Dr. Shifflett for his accomplishments.


Vertebral Columns – Spring 2019
March 27, 2019
Dr. Shifflett discusses artificial disc replacements in the latest issue of the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery.


Top 10 orthopedic surgery residency programs from Doximity
August 01, 2018
In an environment of consolidation and mergers, orthopedic surgery remains a lucrative field. Doximity received more than 315,000 peer nominations, ratings and hand-written reviews to determine its top residency programs for 2018-19.


Presenting at the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
September 16, 2017
Dr. Shifflett presented research this weekend in Las Vegas at the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery on multiple topics. His first presentation detailed the outcomes of minimally invasive lateral access surgery for patients needing revision surgery. He also presented on a novel anterior cervical fusion device with improved outcomes compared to traditional PEEK implants. He also caught up with his mentor and SMISS leader, Dr. Frank Phillips!


Dr. Shifflett provides courtside coverage at the AVP Manhattan Beach open this weekend!


Dr. Shifflett courtside this weekend covering the AVP Hermosa Beach Open!


Dr. Shifflett accepts top research award at 47th Annual Eastern Orthopedic Association meeting.
October 21, 2016
One of this year's top scientific paper awards at the 47th Annual Eastern Orthopedic Association meeting was awarded to Dr. Grant Shifflett for his prospective randomized study looking at the morbidity associated with iliac crest bone grafting for lumbar fusion surgery.


How is Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement Performed (A Step by Step Guide)

November 6, 2020

Lumbar artificial disc replacement is a type of spine surgery used to treat nerve-related symptoms caused by a worn or damaged disc. Spinal discs between the vertebrae, or bones of the spine, act as cushions and allow the vertebrae to move and rotate smoothly.


10 Mindless Habits That May Be Causing You Back Pain

Jul 11, 2022

If your upper, middle, or lower back aches, these behaviors might be the culprit.

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